Making music in the noise!

Life certainly feels very “noisy” right now! With all the information flooding us about the seriousness of the COVID-19 virus, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Especially as parents!

Our President addressed us on Sunday, with some big picture info and practical suggestions to slow down the spread of the virus and flatten the curve.

South African schools have been closed until 14th April and social distancing implemented.

At Wriggle and Rhyme, our classes were coming to an end anyway. Most customers were able to finish the term with us and those that couldn’t, due to our forced cancellations, received a free CD to enjoy at home.

A new normal for a season

With social distancing in place, and a longer school holiday, understandably, we’re all feeling anxious.

Big questions flood our brains.

How are we going to juggle everything as parents?

How are we going to keep our children busy and stimulated?

How are we going to cope financially?

How are we going to look after the staff in our care?

What if we get sick?

What about our vulnerable loved ones?

Choose wisely

Like many things in life, we can’t choose what’s happening around us, but we can choose how we respond.

Children pick up on our cues and watch our responses. Will they feel stressed and vulnerable, or will they feel safe and empowered?

It’s not just the virus that’s contagious – so is fear, panic, selfishness, kindness, gentleness, courage, love and selflessness.

What will we choose?

Making music in the noise

There are obviously practical things to consider.

Keeping little ones busy at home can be challenging.

We’d like to help!

Wriggle and Rhyme music classes
Wriggle and Rhyme mascot worm playing the shakers

Together at home

Between 31st March and 14th April, we will be supplying FREE music-based activities for you to enjoy with your little ones at home.

These activities won’t replace our classes, but will give you ideas of music-based, fun things to do with your little ones in this season.

The activities will be loaded onto our website and YOUTUBE channel, so keep an eye out there.

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Looking forward to making music together and drowning out the noise!