Our unique musical stories interweave original stories with songs from our classes. They are completely different to what we do in class and complement our programmes beautifully.

Your child can enjoy them whether they’ve been part of our classes or not!

Our musical stories promote imagination and listening skills

They are great for car journeys

They are a fantastic alternative to “screen time”

They make a unique gift for a friend

Enjoy our unique musical stories on your favourite streaming platform

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Join Froggy as he goes on an exciting musical adventure to find different musical instruments to play along to his Wriggle and Rhyme songs. He’s going to look all over town – I wonder what he’ll find?

“Froggy’s Musical Adventures” was the first Wriggle and Rhyme original story ever released. It’s a sweet and gentle adventure packed with familiar songs and is perfect for babies and toddlers to enjoy in the car or at home.

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We’re heading on a car trip up to the Kruger National Park in the latest Wriggle and Rhyme musical adventure. We’re hoping to meet the Big 5 animals and learn more about them. Long car journeys can be hard, so we’ll think about games to play, how to share our toys and how to get along with others, especially when we’re feeling hot and bothered!

Featuring 12 original W&R songs including the popular “Charge like a Rhino” and “Dandy the Lion”, BUSH BABIES is the latest CD release, in the growing range of W&R musical adventures.

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Hopping on a train and heading to the beach is what we’re up to, in this Wriggle and Rhyme musical story adventure. Join our little Wriggle and Rhyme children who are singing along and joining in the fun. We explore how to make new friends, even when they’re a bit different to us and how to work together as a team to build a giant sandcastle.

Featuring a host of brand new, original songs, as well as beautiful clips of orchestral music, “Growing Together” is a fun, fantastic musical story for children to enjoy time and time again!

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Are you ready? Are you steady? RHYME! Join Mr Duck and some of our other favourite Wriggle and Rhyme friends on another musical adventure from Wriggle and Rhyme. Featuring even more of our popular songs from class, including “Miss Polly had a Dolly” and “Down by the Bay”, plus a few fun surprises! Hop into the Wriggle and Rhyme bus for a host of rhyming fun guaranteed to amuse and delight!

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