TOGETHER AT HOME – An update from our Founder and Programme Director, Kirsty Savides

Hello Wriggle and Rhyme family,

I trust that you are all keeping safe and well during these extraordinary days!

We have been hard at work, creating FREE weekly Musical Resources for you to use during this Covid-19 LOCKDOWN period.

Musical fun with Froggy

From tomorrow, we are launching “Musical Fun with Froggy” on our YouTube channel.  These are short music-based activities for parents and children to enjoy at home.

Anyone can access this material for FREE via our website link so please feel free to share.

Musical Story Adventures

You also have access to our unique Musical Stories which are a fun audio resource for children to enjoy.  

Our unique musical stories

These can be found on all the main streaming platforms (iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify etc.).  More info on these at

Please stay connected with us on our social platforms for daily updates and more fun.

Wishing you and your precious children all a safe and healthy lockdown period.  

With wriggly regards,