Why does music matter? It’s all about fireworks …

Anyone who engages with little people, from birth through to pre-school, knows the profound effect that music has on their lives.

Whether it’s a BABY trying to move along to music as soon as they’re physically able, or a TODDLER beginning to sing along to a song, or a PRE-SCHOOLER tapping out a rhythm … the impact is impossible to ignore!

Toddler clapping to music in Fish Hoek
Clap, clap, clap!

But, now we have scientific research to prove that these effects have ongoing, profound implications.

Recent research in the field of music and neuroscience, by Dr Anita Collins (http://www.anitacollins.com) produced fascinating results.  Dr Collins used FMRI and PET technology to demonstrate that participating in intentional music-based activities, engages both sides of the brain, strengthening the corpus callosum in the process – the bridge responsible for “executive function”.

This research is deeply exciting for us, because it demonstrates what we’ve known to be the case all along, through our many years of experience in music education.  Children engaged in music-based activities have fireworks going off in their brains!

Have a listen to Dr. Collin’s presentation on the subject:

At Wriggle and Rhyme, this kind of research just FUELS our passion for music education.

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