Why choose a music-based activity for your BABY or TODDLER this term?

The long winter holidays are over and it’s time to get back to the normality of routine.  Are you looking for an activity for your baby or toddler to enjoy during these wintery months?

With so many BABY and TODDLER activity groups out there, sometimes it can feel a bit overwhelming.

Wriggle and Rhyme is a music programme, so it’s obvious that MUSIC is our area of passion.

Here’s why we’re so passionate about MUSIC as a catalyst for learning and have harnessed what MUSIC offers into our unique programme for BABIES and TODDLERS.

There is increasing research that shows the benefits of play-based learning for pre-school children and younger.  This is the idea that children learn best when it’s through play.

This article explains the benefits of play-based learning really well …


The reality is that children’s brains are like sponges – learning and soaking up information in everything they do.

Our baby and toddler music classes have been designed to harness this …

At Wriggle and Rhyme, we use a very relaxed approach with gentle structure for our classes, coming from our termly theme.  This theme takes the children on a IMAGINARY MUSICAL ADVENTURE.  This adventure allows them to experience and explore, with gentle direction from our experienced teachers.

Click on this link to hear more from our PROGRAMME DIRECTOR about the history of our programme and what to expect from our classes:

Our musical adventure lights up children’s brains …

Our teachers are excited to bring out the joy and wonder that music-based learning offers, whilst giving the children scope to explore and experience at their own pace.

Froggie loves giving “high fives”!

We’re SO passionate about what we do!

We see the remarkable effect that music-based learning has on growing brains, but also because we have SCIENCE to back us up.

Ongoing research in the field of Neuroscience shows that music-based activities stimulate growing brains in the most astounding way.

We love the work of Dr. Nina Kraus.  She is a professor at Northwestern University, Illinois, investigating the neural encoding of speech and music and its effect on brain plasticity.

Functional MRI scans show that intentional music-based activities activate all areas of the brain.  This means that we can light up children’s brains, effectively giving them a full brain workout. All the while, they’re having so much fun and making new friends too!

Whatever you decide … make sure you’ve investigated intentionally MUSIC-BASED activities for your child.  The research will blow you away!

By the way … there are a couple of other things that we’re passionate about:

Keeping our groups small – so that children aren’t overwhelmed and friendships can blossom

Keeping our classes great value for money!

We really hope to welcome you and your little one to our classes this term!


Note: our CONSTANTIA branch teacher, Samantha Coogan is on maternity leave in Term 3.