Thank you for the music

October is Wriggle and Rhyme’s birthday month. We’re celebrating 13 years of music and musical adventures this month!

I always find that birthdays are a great opportunity to reflect on the years that have passed. It’s a chance to pause for a moment and think, and celebrate.

Birthdays celebrate the past!

I started W&R in 2008 when I was a mom of two little people – Stella (she had just turned 4 years) and Nathan (he was 18 months old at the time).

Mom and granny at music class
My son, Nathan, at one of the first W&R classes at my home in Fish Hoek, with his granny

My husband was studying full-time for a new career path and so there was financial pressure in our home. I had left a career in corporate marketing to be a full-time mom to my children. I was always looking for ways to earn an income part-time and relieve some of that financial pressure.

At the time, I was doing some part-time work for a media agency but that contract was coming to an end, so the pressure was mounting.

I was also looking for a music-based group to attend with my toddler son, Nathan. But, I just couldn’t find anything that inspired and excited me!

A passion for music

I come from a very musical family and grew up singing and playing a range of musical instruments.

By the time I was a young adult, I had completed my Advanced Certificate in Piano Teaching from the ABSRM. I also had my Grade 8 in Orchestral Percussion and Music Theory.

So, music is very much in my blood. I’m absolutely passionate about it and strongly believe in the vital role that it plays in our humanity.

The birth of Wriggle and Rhyme

In October 2008 I decided to start my own music classes, from my home in Fish Hoek. Initially, just to provide a music group for Nathan and a bit of extra money for our household.

But, over the past 13 years my passion for music education has grown as Wriggle and Rhyme has evolved. Wriggle and Rhyme has grown from strength to strength with Licensed branches across Cape Town as well as a thriving Pre-Schools programme.

And … my son Nathan (nearly 15 years old) still loves music. He now plays the piano and is learning to play the drums!

Pausing for gratitude

When I think back on those early days, I remember talking to my amazing Graphic Designer, Carl Gordon, about the vision and look / feel of Wriggle and Rhyme as he designed the logo. Carl has stuck with me and has done hundreds of designs over the years.

Some of the incredible design work that Carl has done to bring our unique musical adventures to life.

I also remember our first classes with moms and grannies and nannies and aunties attending. I remember the laughter and joy as the children started to sing and move to the music, and many new friendships were born.

Collage of baby and toddler pics
A snapshot of some of our classes across all of our age groups over the years!

I remember the joy of working with my amazing Music Producer, Bruce Retief, as I wrote new songs and he brought them to life. Here’s a link to some of Bruce’s award-winning work –

Bruce Retief and Kirsty Savides
Bruce Retief – music producer extraordinaire – and me

I remember all the amazing women I’ve worked with over the years. From the very first team of teachers, to moving into Pre-Schools in 2011 and licensing the branch business in 2013.

Our current team of Pre-Schools teachers

I remember breast-feeding my newborn, Samuel, in the car quickly before going in for an introductory meeting at a new Pre-School in 2011.

So many memories …

Memories like writing and recording our first Wriggle and Rhyme CD, creating new musical characters for our programmes, writing songs, sharing the business model and meeting so many amazing people!

It’s taken passion, sweat and even tears to continually nurture Wriggle and Rhyme as it’s grown, but it’s been worth every sacrifice!

Today, I’m pausing with gratitude to thank ALL THE AMAZING people that have been part of the journey so far. It’s been a roller-coaster ride … but the ride is still as exhilarating as ever!

Our amazing group of current BRANCH teachers who offer our baby / toddler programmes from their homes

You can find out more about our BABY / TODDLER programmes here – and