Music classes for babies and toddlers in Constantia

Samantha’s happy and memorable musical adventures for babies and toddlers in Constantia

Today we continue our weekly series focussing on our baby and toddler music and movement classes. Each week, we’re focussing on a different branch of Wriggle and Rhyme in the seven different areas where we offer these classes. Today it’s #5 – SAMANTHA in CONSTANTIA.

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Samantha Coogan opened a Wriggle and Rhyme branch in Constantia in 2017. The branch recently celebrated its 2nd birthday! Samantha is married to Tim and has two gorgeous boys, James and Christopher. She is also expecting another baby later this year.

Froggie loves giving “high fives” to Samantha’s son, James!

Samantha is such a warm and friendly person. She puts so much love and care into everything she does. She has created such a happy and safe space to host her classes. Her sons, James and Christopher, are growing up with Wriggle and Rhyme and are her biggest fans and cheerleaders!

We caught up with Samantha this week, to find out how things are going at Wriggle and Rhyme CONSTANTIA and her highlights so far.

Samantha, tell us what you love about being involved with Wriggle and Rhyme and running the CONSTANTIA branch?

Wriggle and Rhyme has woken up my inner teacher!  It’s been fantastic to be involved in a programme that stimulates learning from such a young age.  I love that the programme is such a strong catalyst for development. I also love that it is affordable for families, and jam packed with so much fun and learning through music.

Music class in Constantia
Using building blocks in a musical activity …

Our Wriggle and Rhyme team is backed up by great support staff who help us as we need.

Wriggle and Rhyme has given me the flexibility to be with my young, growing family and also help to provide financial support to our household.  It has given me the opportunity to combine my passions for stimulating young minds and building beautiful, lasting friendships.  

I have met such amazing mothers, who are doing extraordinary things for their families.

Babies and toddlers and their moms  at music class in Constantia
Some of the wonderful moms that Samantha has been privileged to meet at Wriggle and Rhyme CONSTANTIA

What impact has Wriggle and Rhyme had on your two boys?

Music has been part of their lives from when they were in the womb and I played classical music to them.  As they grew older, I found myself singing to them during feeding or humming “twinkle, twinkle little star” at bedtime. 

I’ve been privileged to watch my boys grow up to love music, singing and dancing. They still enjoy singing along with me during my classes!

My eldest son James, (now aged 4) took some time to start talking. He’d say words like Mamma and Dadda.  

It was only after exposure to the Wriggle and Rhyme programme at 12 months old, that his vocabulary really exploded.  

The repetition of words and songs in class encouraged him to start saying duck, quack, cow etc.  They were all the words linked to the Wriggle and Rhyme themes.

Baby and toddler music class
Samantha and James in the early days of her branch in CONSTANTIA

From there, the words came to him so naturally.  He’s at pre-school now and his teacher says that he belts out songs at school.  He is definitely happiest when singing! 

Baby and toddler playing with frog in music class
James is Samantha’s biggest fan and loves Wriggle and Rhyme, especially Froggie!

My youngest son started talking at 10 months. He started Wriggle and Rhyme classes at my branch as soon as he could, at 6 months old. 

What can you share about your experiences in class and how you see the effect of music on the children?

 Over my two years of teaching the Wriggle and Rhyme programme I have had the privilege of meeting many beautiful little souls.

I have witnessed confidence blossom, even in the shyest child.

I’ve heard children say their first words in my class. Words like “duck” or “bee”, which are little characters that we meet in our programme.

Baby and toddlers playing with a puppet
Samantha introducing the children to MR DUCK on one of their musical adventures together!

Moms really rejoice at the accomplishment of first milestones, many of which take place during the classes.

I have seen how the toddlers connect the sequences of the programmes and are able to tell me what activity we will sing along to next.

Teaching the programme brings me great joy.

I can’t help but smile throughout, as I see little hands use a shaker or bells, or make big bouncy movements to the rhythm of the music.

Baby and toddler music activity in Constantia
The Wriggle and Rhyme programme uses quality percussion instruments, perfect for little budding musicians!

Repetition is so vital to a child’s development, as it’s one of the ways that they learn and grow. Wriggle and Rhyme really harnesses the power of music and repetition to fuel learning and development.

Music brings so much joy to my life and those I teach.

I love hearing moms say how their little ones ask for SAM, and that they want to go to their music class. That just makes my heart smile!

I know I am positively influencing young lives and that brings me such joy and satisfaction!

Join Samantha for a happy and memorable musical adventure in Constantia with your baby or toddler!