Clarice our Wriggle and Rhyme teacher in Claremont, Cape Town

Clarice’s wonderfully welcoming music classes for babies and toddlers at our Claremont branch.

Today we continue our weekly series focussing on our baby and toddler music and movement classes. Each week, we’re focussing on a different branch of Wriggle and Rhyme in the seven different areas where we offer these classes. Today it’s #4 – Clarice in CLAREMONT.

Clarice Pechau-Whitton opened a Wriggle and Rhyme branch in Claremont at the beginning of last year. An experienced media editor and photographer, she was looking for a way to supplement her income from home and be more available for her son, Harrison. Harrison is the cutest little chap, who has thoroughly enjoyed being part of the Wriggle and Rhyme journey with his mom.

Claremont Wriggle and Rhyme teacher, Clarice Pechau-Whitton
Clarice and her gorgeous son, Harrison

Clarice is such a gentle and bubbly person! She has created a happy and welcoming space for babies, toddlers and their carers to enjoy our programme in Claremont. It’s been such a joy to have her on our team!

We caught up with Clarice this week, to find out how things are going at Wriggle and Rhyme CLAREMONT and her highlights so far.

Clarice, this is your second year of teaching Wriggle and Rhyme. What have you enjoyed about the experience so far?

I absolutely love meeting new moms or carers with their babies and toddlers.

My first experience of Wriggle and Rhyme was attending a class with Harrison. I remember how amazed I was by how he responded to the music programme. I also remember how much I enjoyed meeting new moms on my own parenting journey.

Wriggle and Rhyme has changed my life!

It has brought such joy and love into my home. I really look forward to seeing all my little WRIGGLER babies and RHYMER toddlers each week at their classes.

To see them smile when they see me, and watch how they react to the Wriggle and Rhyme songs, fills my heart with such purpose.

For my family, it has given us financial stability and a stepping stone for me to take my other passion of photography and to turn it into a freelance business.

It’s been such a privilege to open my home and create a space where moms and carers can come together and experience the joy of music together.

Music has such an incredible way of affecting our moods, that it can really lift and energise tired and weary moms and carers in this demanding stage of parenting.

My favourite part of the class is watching how the little ones settle into their positions on the floor and their eyes are SO wide, as they anticipate the class starting. As soon as I start the first song, I can see the little wheels turning in their minds!

Even the youngest little WRIGGLERS (from 6 months old), know exactly where they are and that they are about to go on a wonderful musical adventure with me.

Clarice our Wriggle and Rhyme teacher in Claremont, Cape Town
Clarice giving our beloved Froggie a cuddle!

What stories can you share where you’ve witnessed the impact of music on the children in your classes?

One of the most rewarding things about teaching the Wriggle and Rhyme programme, is seeing how the little ones enjoy the music SO much and how much their development accelerates throughout the term.

Toddler playing music at Wriggle and Rhyme Claremont
Our musical adventure in action! Just look at the joy on mom’s face in the background too!

For example, I had a new little RHYMER (toddler) start this term. By the third class, he was already participating beautifully – remembering all the actions to the songs and really embracing the musical adventure.

It is so inspiring and special when you see their brains “connect the dots”. Our froggie mascot comes out to visit us in every class and we sing a special song for him, that involves sticking out our tongues. When the little WRIGGLERS (babies) stick out their tongues for the first time, it is such a proud and special moment.

Music classes at Wriggle and Rhyme Claremont
Where, oh where, oh where is Froggie? He’s on Clarice’s head!

It sometimes astonishes me just how much children are absorbing through our gentle, but intentional programme … and that makes my heart smile!

I love watching friendships start and blossom between the families represented in the classes.

Watching the children and parents / carers bonding as the weeks pass is such a special part of Wriggle and Rhyme.

Saturday fun for working moms …

I’ve been able to offer classes on SATURDAY MORNINGS which has been amazing. So many working moms are keen to participate in an activity with their little ones, but mid-week classes aren’t an option. It feels like a real privilege to be able to fill this gap for them!

Saturday music classes in Claremont for babies and toddlers
Saturday fun at Wriggle and Rhyme in Claremont. Just one of the groups that meet each week …

Music brings people together!

Last year I had two friends who decided to join Wriggle and Rhyme together with their grandchildren.

Jenny and Di had been friends for 27 years!  They met at school, then their daughters went to school together. Now they’re bringing their grandchildren to Wriggle and Rhyme in Claremont.

It was such an incredible privilege to be a small part of their journey together and celebrate an incredible legacy of friendship with them!

Read more about their story here:

Jenny and Di - lifelong friends reuniting at music classes at Wriggle and Rhyme in Claremont!
Jenny and Di – lifelong friends reuniting at Wriggle and Rhyme in Claremont!

Watching children learn through age-appropriate, gentle, music-based activities is just incredible!

Each child gets a set of “proper” percussion instruments to play during the classes. These quality instruments have been carefully sourced and fit perfectly into their little hands.

Music classes for toddlers in Claremont, Cape Town
Instruments for little hands: Each child has a set of beautiful percussion instruments to play during the classes!

At the start of term, sometimes the children struggle to return the instruments at the end of the class. It always amazes me that as the weeks go by, they learn to pack away. By the end of the term, they all end up doing it so willingly and cheerfully. It’s really part of their ongoing emotional and social development, which is just a privilege to witness.

And then, of course, you can’t forget the bubbles. I get the biggest smiles and overflowing joy when the bubbles come out.

We play a beautiful clip from Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos during pack away and bubble time.

I often wonder whether much later in life, the children will hear this beautiful piece of music and look around for the bubbles?

Bach and bubbles is just ONE of the many fun and stimulating things that your child will experience on the Wriggle and Rhyme musical adventure.

Join Clarice for a wonderfully welcoming musical adventure in Claremont with your baby or toddler!