Remember that song?

What is it about music and memory that’s so powerful? The details of our lives pass us by everyday, with very little embedding into our long term memories.

It’s unlikely that we’ll remember what we ate for dinner 2 weeks ago or a passing interaction with a person years ago. But, when we hear a familiar song, the memories come flooding back.

Little girl at Wriggle and Rhyme

This makes music an incredibly powerful tool for retaining and recalling information. In a teaching context, that’s so exciting!

Helping children to learn, retain and recall information, especially in their early years of development, is what teachers strive for. Especially when it comes to language learning.

Memory and language learning

Learning a language means populating a brain with, not only language structure, but tons of vocabulary.

It’s a bit like building a house. Speech is essentially a musical performance. Musical elements create the scaffolding on which the language learning takes place. The rhythm, cadence, tone, tempo, pitch etc.

But, it’s vocabulary that adds the finishes to the structure. Singing music with words adds those finishes.

Powerfully, the brain then retains that information for decades to come.

A research study in 1994 looked at the brain’s ability to recall information. Interestingly, spoken information had the lowest recall, followed by rhyming information which faired better.

Unsurprisingly, information set to music had the highest recall.


So, what does that mean for music as a catalyst for learning?

At Wriggle and Rhyme our passion is to use music to stimulate learning and development in growing brains.

Little girl dancing at Wriggle and Rhyme

Our classes are set entirely to music. This creates a environment for little brains to learn, retain and recall huge amounts of information through our music-based programme.

Embedding information into young brains is a huge privilege. So, our classes are gentle, positive and fun.

We want children’s experience with music-based learning to be something that they’ll remember forever.

And, not just because it’s set to music!