Toddler at Wriggle and Rhyme

How do you choose an activity for your baby or toddler in the time of COVID-19?

If you know anything about WRIGGLE AND RHYME you’ll know something of our passion for music-based learning.

Our passion is driven by our own experience of the power of music with little people. It’s also driven by the growing bank of research by Neuroscientists across the world.

Music-based learning, particularly in young brains, has an ability to tap into all areas of the brain simultaneously.

Watch this fascinating video summary of the research by Dr. Anita Collins –

Lighting up the brain

We offer baby and toddler music classes in different areas of Cape Town. We also offer music at our partner pre-schools across the city too.

Toddler at music class in Cape Town

Our goal with our classes is to use music as a catalyst for brain development in as many areas as we can.

A safe place for connection

Never before in our lifetime have we been so aware of the need for connection. We will be the generation that lived through a pandemic, including our children.

Isolating has been necessary, but it’s not good for us.

We’ve been made acutely aware of the impact that the lack of connection has on our mental and emotional wellbeing.

Finding safe and comfortable ways to connect is becoming more and more critical.

At Wriggle and Rhyme we have worked diligently to make sure that our classes are COVID compliant. We have also worked hard to make sure that our compliance does not impact the gentle, relaxed and welcoming culture of our classes.

Froggy in a mask
Even Wriggle and Rhyme’s mascot, Froggy, is wearing a mask!

If you’re looking for a fun, stimulating activity to enjoy with your baby or toddler during this time of COVID-19, please take a look at what we offer: