Putting MUSIC on the (treasure) map!

Our year at Wriggle and Rhyme has got off to a really solid start. Our BABY and TODDLER music and movement classes have started across the Mother City. We offer these classes in Melkbosstrand, Panorama, Rondebosch, Claremont, Meadowridge, Fish Hoek and Somerset West.

Our PRE-SCHOOLS music programmes are running across our partner schools in the South Peninsula, Southern Suburbs and Hout Bay.

As a mom of three children myself, I totally understand the conundrum that parents have. Trying to decide which activities to include in your child’s overall education can be confusing. There are so many factors to take into account these days. As parents, we’re juggling a lot!

So, how do we choose what’s best for our child?

Children benefit from a wide variety of experiences. Increasingly, research shows that “play-based” learning is the best. That’s an environment where children have freedom to express themselves, exercise their creativity and learn without pressure or strict parameters.


I’m passionate about music-based learning. That passion is what fuelled the development of the Wriggle and Rhyme programme. It (almost) goes without saying that I’m obviously going to BANG THAT DRUM very passionately now (excuse the pun!).

The reality is that in a sea of baby, toddler and pre-school programmes and activities, often MUSIC is neglected.

What does research tell us?

Ongoing research from leading Neuroscientists in their fields, is extremely interesting and persuasive.

For example, Professor Nina Kraus is studying the intersection of LANGUAGE and MUSIC and music’s impact on growing a healthy brain. She says, “Music programmes can literally remodel children’s brains in a way that improves sound processing, leading to better language skills”.

And language is just one of the few areas of the brain that is profoundly affected by music programmes.

Dr. Anita Collins studies the effect of music on EXECUTIVE FUNCTION. That’s the brain’s “google search engine”, allowing us to process many different tasks simultaneously.

She concludes that playing MUSIC and engaging in music-based activities, is the ONLY activity that lights up all areas of the brain simultaneously.

At Wriggle and Rhyme, we’ve become EVANGELISTS for the power of music in childhood development. Week by week, we see the incredible impact that music-based learning has on the little people in our care.

We want our programme to inspire a generation of budding musicians!

Not necessarily to go on to become professional musicians. But, to love music and play music, wherever and whenever they can. To harness the power of music to continue learning and developing.

That’s our passion … and we hope that we’ll have the privilege of taking your child on our musical adventure with us!

To find out more about our MUSIC classes, please click on http://www.wriggleandrhyme.co.za/our-classes