Toddler and teacher Johleen Vlok at Wriggle and Rhyme Panorama

In the spotlight – a toddler’s musical journey

At Wriggle and Rhyme, we are passionate about using music as a catalyst for learning and development with children from 6 months to 6 years old.

Little 2 year old toddler, Becca, began her musical adventure with us this term … and what an adventure it’s been!

Becca lives close to Johleen Vlok’s Wriggle and Rhyme branch in Panorama, so her mom registered her to join our music classes there.

Wriggle and Rhyme Panorama Teacher
Johleen Vlok – Panorama

Johleen has been running the branch for a year, and it has grown from strength to strength. She is a passionate and capable teacher with a beautiful heart and an even more beautiful singing voice!

Becca’s granny, Suzette brings her to the weekly music classes with Johleen.

This photo from her first class says it all! Becca just loved it! She was so excited by all the stimulating music activities and participated beautifully.

Becca loves her WELCOME PACK, wearing her t-shirt with pride and asking for “Wriggle and Rhyme snacks” in her lunchbox.

Wriggle and Rhyme merchandise in Cape Town
Becca with her Wriggle and Rhyme Welcome Pack

Granny Suzie says that Becca asks to come to Wriggle and Rhyme EVERY SINGLE DAY. She loves the classes so much and has really bonded with Johleen.

Every day Becca asks, “is it Wriggle and Rhyme today?”

Meeting new friends …

Experts tell us that around the time a toddler turns two, she will start to actively reach out to other children. But as with any other skill, she learns how to socialise with others by trial and error.

This was certainly true in the case of Becca. She was looking forward to meeting new friends, announcing “where are my friends?” at her first class.

But, over play time afterwards, she struggled to take turns with the other little ones initially. This is completely normal!

A small group like Wriggle and Rhyme offers a very gentle introduction to social interactions.

Research shows that toddlers that are Becca’s age will struggle to share. That’s because she lives in the moment and can’t envision anything beyond it. The concept of taking turns — of waiting to play with something until after her friend has had a go — is meaningless to her.

Social skills like sharing need to be gently taught and modelled.

One of the benefits of Wriggle and Rhyme is our gently structured programme, which encourages routine and repetition. This, not only helps to embed learning, but also builds confidence for the little ones as they begin to adventure beyond their care-givers.

Our programme values the importance of relationships and community. That’s why we have “social time” after class. This 30 minutes is enough time for the grown-ups to enjoy refreshments together and the little ones to interact outside of the structured music programme.

Toddler and teacher at Wriggle and Rhyme Panorama
Teacher Johleen and Becca enjoying a cuddle after class!

Growing Independence

Watch this cute little clip of Becca organising her instruments at her Wriggle and Rhyme class, following Johleen’s instructions and playing along.

She insists that her Granny can’t help her, because she wants to do it herself!

It’s a great example of how toddlers begin to assert themselves, as they grow in independence and confidence over time.

Bach and bubbles …

All our classes end with “Bach and Bubbles”. This gives the children an incentive to pack away their instruments and enjoy popping hundreds of bubbles. They do this whilst listening to a clip from J.S. Bach’s Brandenberg Concertos.

The hand-eye co-ordination that it takes to reach up and pop moving bubbles is just a glorious side-effect of this exciting end to each class.

Our passion

We are so excited to be part of this stage of Becca’s life journey.

Watching her growing enthusiasm for music through Wriggle and Rhyme, fuels our passion for music and brain development!

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