Marcelle and baby Caliah from Wriggle and Rhyme Melkbosstrand

In the spotlight – a baby’s musical journey

Marcelle Grobbelaar teaches the Wriggle and Rhyme baby and toddler music programmes from her home in Melkbosstrand.

Baby and toddler classes in Melkbosstrand
Marcellé and some of her budding Melkbosstrand musicians

A star is born …

Earlier this year, Marcelle gave birth to her second child – a gorgeous little girl named Caliah.

She was born with a beautiful head of dark hair, just like her mom.

Caliah was also born with a song in her heart. That’s because she would have heard Marcelle’s beautiful singing voice throughout her time in utero.

Marcelle taught classes right up until just before Caliah was born.

Caliah was born with beautiful dark hair, just like her mom!

Music in the womb

Research tells us that babies in the womb begin to respond to voices and sounds at around 25/26 weeks. But, because there’s no open air in the uterus, and baby is surrounded by amniotic fluid, the sound is considerably muffled. Imagine listening to sounds under water, and you’ll get the idea!

But, the most significant sound that a baby recognises in utero, is her mother’s voice.

By the third trimester, research shows that babies respond to their mom’s voice with an increased heart rate, suggesting that they’re more alert when mom is speaking (or singing!).

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Caliah’s musical journey

Caliah absolutely loves listening to her mom sing. Watch this little video to see how she responds to Marcelle’s beautiful voice.

Enjoying music classes each week …

Now that she’s older, Caliah has the opportunity to enjoy Marcelle’s Wriggle and Rhyme classes in MELKBOSSTRAND. Here’s a picture of her enjoying a music class with her granny!

Granny and baby enjoying music class

Marcelle says that she is so attentive. She smiles such a lot and follows absolutely every move that Marcelle makes.

She particularly loves the movement songs – like being lifted in the air during “Splish Splash Splosh”.

Marcelle’s also noticed how Caliah loves grasping the little instruments and playing them herself.

The calming effect of music

Marcelle and her family recently had to drive the long distance from Cape Town to Bloemfontein, for a family event.

Marcelle said that listening to the Wriggle and Rhyme songs from class really calmed Caliah down when she was becoming tired or fussy in her car seat.

She also enjoys listening to music during her bath time, which calms her too.

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