Celebrating 3 years of musical fun in Meadowridge!

Three years ago, Robyn Jepson opened a branch of Wriggle and Rhyme in Meadowridge, Cape Town.  Robyn is a music teacher, specialising in the woodwind family (recorder, clarinet and saxophone).

Check out her website for info on the private music tuition that she offers – http://www.robynleejepson.com.

In 2015, Robyn was keen to expand her experience and the classes that she offered in her home-based music studio.  So, incorporating our baby and toddler music and movement programme was the perfect fit!

Above:  One of Robyn’s groups – Term 3 2018

Since 2015, the Wriggle and Rhyme Meadowridge branch has grown from strength to strength, with many children enjoying the musical space that Robyn has created.

Above:  Froggie cupcakes created especially by Robyn for the 3rd Birthday celebrations!

One of Robyn’s customers, Celeste Stroud, wrote this about the musical adventures she and her daughter have enjoyed in Meadowridge:

“We’ve been doing Wriggle and Rhyme since Naomi was 9 months old.  The aspect I love the most, is the gentle and playful introduction to musical instruments.  I feel it has instilled so much confidence in Naomi … now I’ll find her picking up her guitar in her room and just strumming and singing along.

Wriggle and Rhyme has increased her interest in music which I’m sure will increase her desire to play an instrument when she starts school.

I also really love that Wriggle and Rhyme has taught us so many songs to sing.  We’re always breaking out in song when we are in the car, when she’s sad or even just when family come around.

Thank you for a really good programme.  We appreciate all of Robyn’s efforts in every single class!”

We asked Robyn about her reflections over the past few years – the highlights, the surprises and the changes in her own life.  This is what she had to say:

“One of my most favorite things is seeing how the seemingly quiet or uninterested children at the beginning of a term, land up being the ones ‘leading’ the class in song by the end of the term. The repetition of the songs helps the children to learn them well and this brings along a sense of security for them.
I love seeing how this sense of security brings out such joy, as they start to feel safe and confident enough to sing, play the instruments and get involved with the little storyline. I love looking each one in the eye and seeing how the music captures their attention.

Above:  Waiting for Wriggle and Rhyme Meadowridge to start.

I also love that I have become part of a community. There are children who have been attending my classes since they were 6 months old and have continued classes with me until they have turned 3! Watching them grow and develop is an amazing honour. I have also had returning moms and grannies bringing their second or third child to Wriggle and Rhyme. A true testament that families value the music programme!
I have learnt a lot about children.  Coming from a music background and not having yet had children when I started, I had a lot to learn.  I definitely learnt how each child is so special and unique. I have had the pleasure of gaining advice from many moms and grannies in preparation for becoming a mom last year, and have had a real sense of support from them.
My son has also had the opportunity to join classes. He is only one year old, and loves the music so much. He gets excited when I put the CDs on at home too. He has also thrived with the social aspect of the classes.  Becoming a mom has definitely reinforced the value of the programme for me on a personal level!”

We’ve loved having Robyn as part of the Wriggle and Rhyme team.  We’re celebrating this significant milestone with her and wish her everything of the best for the future … filled with lots more WRIGGLING and RHYMING!


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