The importance of gentle repetition as a teaching tool is well known, especially for babies and toddlers!

At Wriggle and Rhyme, we have a sweet little mascot. He’s a tree frog, called “Froggy”. He comes to visit us each week in our baby and toddler classes.

Froggy is usually hiding somewhere listening to the class. He starts to croak, we hear him and have to go and look for him.

We call him with a little song, “Where, oh where, oh where is Froggy?”.  It’s such great fun!

Bringing Froggy to life

By building our storylines around Froggy, he comes to life in our classes. The power of music and imagination make him real for the children.

They greet him, hug him and talk to him.

Music classes in Rondebosch for babies and toddlers with froggy

So much more than just a song for a Frog!

We regularly get feedback from parents about how this little song comes up in other situations.  

For example, one mom said she was asking her little toddler where his shoes were.  He turned to her and started singing “where, where, where?” – his brain had linked the concept in a different scenario, and immediately prompted the little song.

That’s the power of music in action, right there! The song has embedded vocabulary into the toddler’s brain and connected it to other areas – like an online search engine!

Toddler with froggy on her head

Musical fun with Froggy

You can meet Froggy in one of our fun, YouTube adventures here:

Here’s a link to our other YouTube resources:

Froggy’s musical adventure

You can also enjoy an original, musical story featuring Froggy.

In a world driven by visual learning, we’ve created these musical stories to encourage listening skills.

Because they can only be accessed through listening, they’re wonderful for car journeys or during rest time at home.

Froggy's Musical Adventure story

You can find this story on your favourite digital streaming platform – like SPOTIFY or APPLE MUSIC – just search “Wriggle and Rhyme”. There’s more info and links here too –

Must go now … Froggy is calling and I need to look for him!