The show must go on!

Written by W&R Founder and Programme Director, Kirsty Savides

We’re all living through the COVID-19 pandemic at the moment. I am a huge fan of the music of QUEEN and the late Freddie Mercury.

As I was driving my kids to school this week, what song should start blaring from my car speakers? Queen’s hit, “The show must go on”.

Here’s a gorgeous cover of the song by Steve Johns.

As I’m listening to this song, I start thinking about that phrase, “THE SHOW MUST GO ON”.

An interesting piece of history

My curiosity got the better of me, so I did some digging. Although the phrase is now associated with the theatre, it is widely believed that the phrase started out in the circus arenas of the 1800s.

If an animal got loose or a performer was injured, the owner of the circus and his band tried to keep things going, so that the crowd wouldn’t panic.

It was believed that it is a matter of honour not to let other performers down by deserting them when they are already hurting.

How do we go on?

It’s a timely phrase! We’re all living through the past 4 months in South Africa, with hard lockdown and the ensuing hardships. There are many struggles, on many levels, across the board.

How do we all pick ourselves up and keep going?

Not just for ourselves, but for those who depend on us!

Our new normal

Like many small businesses at the moment, we are working extremely hard to rally and survive this difficult season.

It’s meant making some tough decisions in order to keep things going.

But, we are not giving up!

Our team is passionate about music education and bringing families together through music. That passion is unwaivering.

We will do everything within our power to keep our Wriggle and Rhyme classes going, even though the economy is injured and there are many struggles.

We will continue to use music to stimulate little brains, soothe anxious thoughts, inject fun and energy, and bring people together!

The classes must go on …


Froggy is loving being back in class!

We have a COVID-compliance plan in place to ensure that we are following protocols to keep our Wriggle and Rhyme customer and teachers safe.

We have worked hard to create a relaxed and happy space where parents can bring their little ones for a musical adventure in our classes.

With so much uncertainty in the current economy and so much anxiety fuelling life at the moment, we made the decision, as a matter of honour, that THE SHOW MUST GO ON.

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