Pre-school children using Wriggle and Rhyme music at the Kakuma Refugee camp in Kenya

Sharing Wriggle and Rhyme’s resources in Africa

In 2016, Wriggle and Rhyme’s Founder and Programme Director, Kirsty Savides attended a conference for African Women Entrepreneurs in Cape Town.

At this conference, she met Kristine Pearson, the CEO of Lifeline Energy. That day, a connection was made and an interesting partnership was born.

Kristine was speaking at the conference and sharing her journey as a SOCIAL ENTREPRENEUR of the past 20 years. Through her mission-driven NPO Lifeline Energy, the LIFEPLAYER was developed. The LIFEPLAYER is an solar-powered radio and MP3 player.

Music with a mission!

As a mission-driven non-profit social enterprise, Lifeline Energy designs, manufactures and distributes solar-powered and wind-up MP3 players and radios for classroom and community listening. No one does what they do. Their technology goes where others can’t or don’t.

Imagine a school. One classroom. No electricity. Many children; all different ages. No trained teacher.

Then imagine a LIFEPLAYER loaded with hundreds of hours of fun, interactive school lessons. Able to tune into the radio and directly record programmes.  Or record children’s voices. All powered by the sun!

Sharing is caring!

Wriggle and Rhyme is working as one of LIFELINE ENERGY’s partners to provide educational audio content to fuel the LIFEPLAYER.

We don’t have the capacity or technology to reach the children that LIFELINE ENERGY can. But, we do have musical resources!

The importance of pre-school is recognised by most African countries. In Kenya, pre-school aged children of refugees at the KAKUMA refugee camp attend pre-school classes free of charge.

However, the classes are impossibly large.

Have a look at the image below to see the size of this pre-school, where there are only 10 teachers for 1,370 pupils.

To make it even more challenging, the children are from 5 different countries and don’t share a common language.

Refugee Children's class register in Kenya

Reaching refugee children in Kenya

Below is a picture of a school of TURKANA children, not far from Kenya’s Kakuma refugee camp. “Host community” schools are far less crowded than refugee classrooms.

However, the schools are woefully under-resourced as the children sit on the floor and have very few supplies.

They’ve also received a LIFEPLAYER which was pre-loaded with English language pre-school songs and lessons from Wriggle and Rhyme.

Lifeline Energy's LIFEPLAYER in action with Wriggle and Rhyme's music resources on board.

This is Christine. She is grade 1. There’s a Wriggle and Rhyme song called “The Big 5 Jive” which centres around Africa’s “big five” animals. After Christine’s class listened to the song on the LIFEPLAYER, the teacher used the song to teach the children about the big five.

Christine was asked to spell “lion” which she did, correctly.

Grade 1 child writing the word LION after listening to Wriggle and Rhyme's "The Big 5 Jive".

It’s a huge privilege to work with an organisation that is so committed to AFRICA!

We are grateful to have the opportunity to share the resources we have, with those that we couldn’t reach otherwise.

For more info on the amazing work of LIFELINE ENERGY, please check out