Creating musical memories in Fish Hoek!

Wriggle and Rhyme’s music and movement programme is driven by a passion for music education in young children. Our baby and toddler programmes run from branches in Fish Hoek, Meadowridge, Claremont, Rondebosch, Somerset West and Melkbosstrand.

Jo enjoying cuddles with Mr Duck

It’s been an interesting season for Wriggle and Rhyme. Like all businesses we were forced to close over the hard LOCKDOWN period and beyond.

Following consultation with our attorney at ROBYN HEY ATTORNEYS, we sought legal advice and put together a COVID COMPLIANCE plan. We were then able to re-open at the end of June, within the parameters of the Disaster Management Act.

Missing out on memories!

Re-opening has been fantastic! LOCKDOWN was a difficult season for our branches.

But, it’s not just about the financial impact for us! Being forced to close, stopped us doing what we love to do!

We’re passionate about using music to impact little ones and their development, whilst bringing families together.

What will we remember?

This season of COVID-19 has been such a strange one. It’ll certainly be one that lives in our memories for the rest of our lives. In fact, we’re living through history that one day will be studied in the text books of the future!

So, what will be our memories of this season?

Music has a very special role to play when it comes to memory. We might not remember all the details of our day-to-day lives. But, when we hear a meaningful song, it often triggers memories of situations, people, senses and emotions associated with a time in our lives. It’s quite phenomenal!

Music is the search engine of our brains

Music is like GOOGLE.

Bringing all the information and emotions back into view by creating associations as our brains process the music.

Our Fish Hoek Branch

With that in mind, this week, we’re focussing on our FISH HOEK branch run by Jo Cook. This branch runs our baby and toddler music programmes.

We caught up with Jo this week, to ask her her thoughts on this new season. Interestingly enough, the idea of MUSIC and MEMORY came up!

What are the highlights of teaching Wriggle and Rhyme in Fish Hoek?

Fish Hoek is a small town! I just love being able to bump into the little ones that I teach. The way their little faces try to figure out who I am, out of the usual context, is just precious.

A song always brings back the association which is just amazing to witness! 

(See what we mean? A little music-driven search engine!)

Online music classes for baby and toddlers

What are some of the challenges of this current season for you?

The pandemic has brought so much upheaval.

I have 4 children and with so much uncertainty, the biggest challenge has been finding ways of adapting to the constant changes. Doing this without disrupting the harmony in my home too much, is an ongoing challenge.

Added to this is the challenge of working out what Wriggle and Rhyme will look like, intertwined with my family’s new schedule.

Lockdown happened at the worst time for a new business. Although Wriggle and Rhyme has been running in Fish Hoek for the past 12 years, I only took over the branch in January. That was just three months before everything came to a grinding halt!

For me, emerging from lockdown has almost been like starting from scratch again. 

It’s also been really hard to have to say goodbye to families who have not been able to continue with W&R for various reasons. 

Toddler enjoying music class during COVID-19

Despite the challenges, what has surprised you about teaching Wriggle and Rhyme during this season?

Lockdown has been lonely. But the opportunity to teach W&R classes again has given me a chance to enjoy some much-needed adult company too.

I’ve also really enjoyed the even smaller classes. Some of my more reserved little ones have really blossomed in the new class environment. 

If you’d like to book a spot to join Jo in her classes next term, please head across to:

Term 3 classes begin again from next Wednesday 12th August 2020.