Celebrating 5 fun years at our Meadowridge branch

Wriggle and Rhyme’s music and movement programme is driven by a passion for music education in young children.

Wriggle and Rhyme started in Cape Town in 2008. This year we celebrate our 12th birthday.

Happy birthday Meadowridge!

Five years ago we welcomed Robyn Jepson to our team. Robyn opened a branch offering our baby and toddler programme from her home studio in Meadowridge, Cape Town.

Celebrating 5 years …

We caught up with Robyn this week and reflected on the past 5 years. Click on the link below to listen to her chat about 5 special aspects of our musical programme:

Robyn, you’ve been running W&R in Meadowridge for the past 5 years.  Please can you tell us why you decided to join the W&R team?

My long term goal was to be able to work for myself from home. I really wanted to be flexible when the time came to grow our family.

But, the short term reason for joining the Wriggle and Rhyme team was so that I could offer music classes to all ages.

I’m a music teacher by training and wanted to fill my days with classes and lessons.

Wriggle and Rhyme allows me to teach babies and toddlers in the mornings. I’m then able to offer private music lessons to school-aged children and adults in the afternoons.

This has allowed me to grow my own business from my home studio.

I have always believed that the earlier we are exposed to music, the more likely we are to develop a love and appreciation for music.

More info on Robyn’s private music lessons here – http://www.robynleejepson.com

You’re now in a completely different season of life as a mom of 2 young children. How has your view of music education evolved since becoming a mom?

I have known for a long time that music education has many benefits for all age groups, but particularly young children.

Early exposure definitely helps to lay a foundation for learning to play an instrument later on.

Mom and toddler enjoying music class
Mom and toddler son enjoying music together at our Meadowridge branch

I’ve been privilege to watch many of my little budding musicians grow. They start classes with me from 6 months old and have continued until they start pre-school.

It’s been eye-opening to see how much they have developed, both cognitively and physically from their exposure to music.

I have experienced this first hand. My 3 year old son has been enjoying the classes since he was in utero.

Not only does he have a genuine love for music but he speaks very well for his age. I really believe that this can be attributed to his early exposure to music.

What have been some of the highlights of the past 5 years at Wriggle and Rhyme?

I have had the privilege of seeing children and families grow as I have had customers return with second or third siblings.

During my holiday classes, the older children sometimes join in again. They are always so excited to be back and enthusiastically sing along.

I have met many lovely people through Wriggle and Rhyme and made friends myself. It’s also wonderful to witness friendships blossom amongst the families that join.

I still find it truly amazing how a musical environment is such a happy and safe space to bring people together.

Adults find friendships and support at the classes too!

If you’d like to book a spot to join our MEADOWRIDGE classes next term, please head across to: 

Term 4 classes begin again from Tuesday 13th October 2020.