Music for babies and toddlers – Johleen in Panorama

Drumroll, please …

Today we start an 8 week series focussing on our baby and toddler classes. Each week, we’ll be focussing on a different branch of Wriggle and Rhyme in the seven different areas where we offer these classes. Today it’s #1 – JOHLEEN in PANORAMA.

Baby and toddler music class in Panorama, Cape Town
Johleen Vlok at Wriggle and Rhyme PANORAMA

Johleen Vlok opened a Wriggle and Rhyme branch in Panorama last year, and started her first classes in the third term. We caught up with her this week, to find out what she enjoys about teaching our programme and the highlights of her year so far.

Johleen, tell us what you’ve enjoyed about being part of the Wriggle and Rhyme family so far …


It is so rewarding seeing the little ones grow and develop their language and social skills through the programme.  I love it when I learn that the Wriggle and Rhyme fun continues at home too.  It really makes me so happy when a mommy sends me a video of her child during bath time singing their favourite Wriggle and Rhyme song! 

It’s so exciting to see that what I teach in class has a real impact on the children and I’m thrilled at the thought that I am playing a part in their development.

Wriggle and Rhyme music and movement class in Panorama
A WRIGGLER (6-18 months) enjoying his musical adventure with Johleen


Music energises people …

I love seeing the moms, grannies and nannies enjoying and participating in the classes with their little ones.  Often, a mom will arrive at a class physically and emotionally exhausted, but after a fun and uplifting lesson packed with singing and music, I can see how that mom’s mood starts to lift. 

Singing and teaching the class also puts me in a good mood and really energises me.

Music and movement toddler fun in Panorama
Johleen introduces her budding musicians to a musical friend


I really enjoy the social time after the class, where everyone has a chance to connect over tea / coffee.   I love being able to offer support to some of the moms, being a mom of two boys myself.  

And then there’s the amazing cuddles from the little ones. They all make me feel so loved and appreciated! Hearing the moms say that the children ask for me, makes me feel like I’m really connecting with them.  

Knowing that they feel safe and happy at Wriggle and Rhyme, and seeing their confidence grow is massively rewarding.  

Musical bubbles at Wriggle and Rhyme Panorama
Bach and bubbles


The flexibility of being a Wriggle and Rhyme teacher has really been so wonderful.  I get the opportunity to earn an income and contribute to my household, whilst still being able to be an available mom to my two precious boys, especially during school holidays.

I am so grateful for the wonderful opportunity to be part of Wriggle and Rhyme.  

Do you have any special stories to share about how you’ve witnessed the impact of music on the babies and toddlers in your classes?

One inspiring story I have is one of my Rhymers (toddler between 18 months and 3 years). She was very shy during her first two terms with Wriggle and Rhyme.  She never participated and always just sat very quietly, staying close to her granny. 

At the beginning of her third term, I was absolutely amazed at the significant change in her behaviour. She showed amazing development in her confidence, moving away from her granny and interacting with me, even coming to sit right next to me during the class. 

Her self-confidence has grown tremendously! She will now come and fetch her instruments on her own.  She has also started doing the actions of the songs and moving to the rhythm of the music.  She remembers all the words of the songs and sings along beautifully.  She is an absolutely bundle of joy, laughing, singing and enjoying every moment of the class!

Receiving reports back from moms that some of their children’s first words are the words that they’ve heard in Wriggle and Rhyme is so rewarding!

Baby music class in Panorama
Wriggle and Rhyme fun in Panorama

We are so pleased to have Johleen as part of our team!

You can join our musical adventure with her in PANORAMA with your baby or toddler.