Every year when Women’s Day comes around, it seems utterly appropriate to pause and celebrate the women of Wriggle and Rhyme.

Wriggle and Rhyme started in 2008 and it as grown through different stages, just like the children that we are privileged to teach.

BABY and TODDLER class teachers

Our team today comprises of 4 branch teachers running Wriggle and Rhyme’s BABY and TODDLER programmes in Claremont, Meadowridge, Melkbosstrand and Rondebosch. 

PRE-SCHOOLS programme teachers

We also have a team of 3 pre-schools teachers who run our programme in pre-schools across Cape Town.

Incredible women

As the Founder and Programme Director, I’m privileged to work with this incredibly dedicated and lovely bunch of women.  As I write this post, I’d like to share why they inspire me to keep going …

  • Each one of them serves their family sacrificially and in different ways. And each one of them strives to be the best wife, mother and teacher they can be.
  • Each one of them contributes to their household, both emotionally, physically and financially.
  • Each one of them juggles busy lives. But, they all give passionately of themselves to their work and their families each week.
  • Each one of them joined Wriggle and Rhyme with a desire to work with children and be involved in something that inspired them.  This shines through in their classes!

A genuine privilege

Working in a team isn’t always easy. I’ve been involved in teams throughout my life, and sometimes it’s hard.

But, I can honestly say that the Wriggle and Rhyme team is a group of women, that I’m not just privileged to work with, but privileged to know.

Happy Women’s Day to all the women out there!

Keep striving to be the best in whatever circumstances you find yourselves in.

May Women’s Day 2023 be a day when we pause to celebrate all the incredible women in our lives!