Where, oh where is Froggie?

The importance of gentle repetition as a teaching tool is well known!

Our Wriggle and Rhyme mascot, Froggie comes to visit us each week in our baby and toddler classes.  He’s usually hiding somewhere listening to the class and we hear him and have to look for him.

We call him with a little song, “Where, oh where, oh where is Froggie?”.  It’s such great fun!

We regularly get feedback from parents about how this little song comes up in other situations.  For example, one mom said she was asking her little toddler where his shoes were.  He turned to her and started singing “where, where, where?” – his brain had linked the concept in a different scenario, and immediately prompted the little song.

This past week, one of our pre-schools teachers, Sharon was sitting having supper with her family in Kommetjie.  Suddenly, a Western Leopard Toad hopped across the floor.  The family sitting at the table next to Sharon had a little toddler with them – the mom started singing “where, oh where is froggie?”.  Sharon enthusiastically joined in, much to all of their delight.   They didn’t know they had a connection through their involvement in W&R – the little boy couldn’t believe his ears!


What a special moment!  Not only is music a phenomenal teaching tool, but it also brings people together in such special ways.