A jiggling mystery … at our Fish Hoek branch

Association is a powerful thing.  It’s amazing how our brains are able to connect concepts – just like a GOOGLE search engine … and then retrieve and connect the information that’s been stored away.

We know from the work of Dr. Anita Collins that music-based activities have the ability to light up all areas of the brain, and strengthen the work of the corpus collusum – the brain’s “super highway” responsible for executive function.

[Read more at www.anitacollinsmusic.com]

Our Wriggle and Rhyme music and movement program sets out to use music as a catalyst for learning across multiple areas of children’s brains.

We get so excited when we hear stories like this from teacher Lauren at our Fish Hoek branch …

Lauren Harper – FISH HOEK BRANCH

A jiggling mystery?

One mom was wondering why her little toddler girl would walk around the house and randomly jiggle her body.  She would then stop jiggling and continue on her way again.   This kept happening …

Eventually the mom realised it happened every time the little girl saw something that was the colour yellow.  She would see something yellow and she would shake and jiggle.

Her brain was remembering the association that one of our songs makes – “if you see me holding yellow, shake like jello.”  So incredibly cute … but also a great reminder of the power of music!