BUSH BABIES – our new CD is coming! Here’s a preview …

Composing and recording a new CD for Wriggle and Rhyme has to be one of the highlights of our year!

Research tells us that exposure to music from an early age has a profound impact on children’s listening skills and language development.

One of the ways that we’re encouraging this, outside of our classes, is through our Musical Story Adventures.  These are very popular with little ones – especially during car journeys or play / rest time at home.

It’s so exciting to announce that we have a brand new Musical Story CD coming out next month.

“BUSH BABIES” features 12 new, original songs and follows a little musical adventure up to the Kruger National Park to find the Big 5 animals.

Listen to a clip here …

Following the popularity of our other CDs, it seemed high time that we put together another musical adventure with a sweet little story and a bunch of fun, new songs.

BUSH BABIES will be available on iTunes and other online music platforms from October 2017, as well as from our branches, a number of local retailers or to order directly from info@wriggleandrhyme.co.za.